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Biome Squad is your eco-conscious partner for a sustainable future!

We are dedicated to providing sustainable and innovative solutions for preserving and enhancing the environment. Partner with us for a greener and cleaner future!

Providing strategic eco-friendly solutions

Sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow

We provide a wide range of environmental consultation services

Sustainable Consultancy

We provide innovative and sustainable solutions for businesses to meet their environmental obligations and goals.

Ecosystem Preservation Planning

We manage, restore and create ecosystems that are rich in biodiversity and that benefit people and wildlife.

Environmental Impact Assessment

We conduct comprehensive environmental impact assessments to understand the effect of projects on the environment.

Climate Change Advisory

Our team of experts provides strategic advice on climate change policies and regulations.

Sustainable Development Planning

We partner with developers and community planners to create sustainable, environment-friendly spaces.

Biodiversity Monitoring

We use distinct biological monitoring techniques to assess the state of biodiversity and the impacts of land development on the environment.

Our Success Stories

Restoring forests

We worked closely with local communities to restore forests and bring back biodiversity.

Climate action planning

We helped a growing city draft and implement an ambitious climate action plan.

Reducing industrial impacts

We partnered with an industry leader to significantly reduce their environmental footprint.